Thursday, November 7, 2013


KneeBindings have a 3rd dimension - a PureLateralTM heel release to detect the forces that cause most knee injuries, and that can release directly sideways before the injury occurs! The only proven way to mitigate knee injuries on skis is with PureLateralTM heel release and only KneeBinding has it. These are premium, high performance bindings with all the convenience and reliability you expect from a binding that has won every major on-snow performance award. Technical advancements help you ski better... longer!!

KneeBinding is a  world's only carbon-fiber binding blends industrial resins with hi-tech carbon fibers to increase strength and rigidity. This makes the coupling even tighter and stiffer, providing more feedback to the skier and more precise transmission of energy to the ski. Totally cool in Carbon Black and Vector Red.(DIN 3-12)

Mist has great features you'd expect from any KneeBinding, but that you can't get on ordinary bindings - all in a graphite grey, black, and silver package. Made with industrial resins and stainless steel, these bindings provide premium performance and safety for skiers of all levels on any terrain. (DIN 3-12)

KneeBinding Shadow for
Women. Who are even more at risk of knee injuries than men! Knee binding offers a safer, high-performance experience, configured with the optimal fore-aft stance for women. The Mist places you slightly more upright (less forward lean), in a more athletic position. In cloud white, black, and silver. Just right!
(DIN 3-12) 

PureLateralTM 3-D ACL Protection - FlexFloatTM Mounting System - LeverEdgeTM Technology 3 Models (all DIN 3 to 12) 26mm-32mm Stand Height- Configurable Ramp Delta (0mm - 6mm) 1/2 the Step-In Effort - Convenient Treadle Scraper - Interchangeablee Brakes (75, 90, 110, 130, 150mm) - Conforms With International Testing Standards
Made in the U.S.A.

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